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Easy detail page builder

Builder type setting

Multiple types of detail pages

You can create different types of page builders such as blogs, products, etc.
Add widget

page as you like

For each page type, users can add any widgets they want.
Simple custom

No coding required

You can customize the page with basic settings without any coding such as html, css, etc.
Meta value

Connect in real time

Use the meta-widget to link the values and retrieve the desired values in real time.
Insert video

Video can be inserted

For each page builder, you can put a video instead of an image.
As you please

Detail page can be edited

Users can modify the templates we have created at will.

Layout changeable

You can change the layout of widgets and page builder at will.
Your choice

Template selectable

You can choose the template we made or after you create it.You can choose the template we made or after you create it.
Of detail page builder

other features

Easy to add

Drag & Drop

Build and customize every part of your website intuitively with Javo visual builder.
Easy responsive

on various devices

Easily preview and customize layouts for desktop, mobile, and tablets. Try it on any device.
Convenient view

tab menu

If you click the title of the tab menu, you can see the content and easily view the content and title.
One template

design at once

You can apply to other pages by creating one template without having to design separately.
Don't make

without production

You don't have to make it every day. However, you can customize the page to your liking.
Or accordion menu

Collaspe option

By using Collapse, the contents are displayed with one click and you can view the contents more conveniently.
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