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Javo Header Widgets

Add features you need

User Widget

Login, Cart, Wishlist, Search Form, My Page
and etc. Add what you need and change the style.
Change the orders as well.
Custom as you like

Product Carts

2 Carts are ready. Dropdown, Slider from the right. Choose one of them.
Style the icon and number bubble.
Add whishist


Users can save products as they wish to keep in the wishlist.
Lava Ajax Search

Search Form

Add smart search form by lava search form.
It searches posts which you select the post types The post types are selectable.
Custom as you like

My Menu

Create a menu for your customers. It can be related to WP menu.
Create a menu there and add here.
WooCommerce My Menu

My WC account

It redirects to WC account.
off-canvas menu

Canvas Opener Widget

It is recommended to use the widget on a PC. It can be produced by drag and drop and simple setting. See the link below for more details.
A mega menu that can contain a background

Mega Menus

This is a mega menu that can be created in the Nav menu widget.
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