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Lava Ajax Search

Search without change pages. Get suggestions.
Not only search a post. It searches all posts you set.
Easy to change styles and change different types.
Smart & Cool

Global Search & Suggetions

User Friendly

Global Search

It does not only search a post like others.
It searches all posts you set. You can simply check the post types it pops up on the search result page.
Just drag & drop

Place All Places

On a header or Header A, Header B whichevery you want. On any pages you want to place.
On Mobile menu, you can place it.
Show Popular

Top Keywords

You can set any keyword you want. Select and move the ranking of keywords.
User Friendly Effects

Search Effects

User friendly effects for PC, Mobile. Blur Background for Better hierarchy. Drop down and side provides, two built-in effects.
Search without refreshing

Ajax Search

By set the minum letters, the search result pops up and is listed.
It shows the result by post types you selected on the setting page.
Responsive to device

Mobile Menu

Ajax search is ready in mobile menu. Feel free to use it on PC or other devices as well.
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