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Modern & Flexible Home

Clean design for any home

10 Pre-designed Clean & Variable Hompages by different types of products.

Furniture Shop

Sport Shop

Womens Coat Shop

Clean apparel Shop

Kids Shop

Casual Cloth Shop

Jewellery Shop

headphone Shop

Simple magazine

Home portal2

Fashion shop

Mens Watch Shop

Ladys Clothe Shop

Sports wear Shop

Dress Shop

Living Shop

full Post block

Mens style Shop

Dark magazine

Home portal3

Chair sofa shop

Tech Dark Shop

Accessories Shop

Interior shop

Furniture Shop

Furniture Shop

Furniture Shop

fashion magazine

Home portal1

Home portal4

Good responsive

Fully Responsive Implementation

Perfectly clean and responsive in every home see you right now.
Header & Footer

function and simple

Header and footer with functional and simple design.
Header Search

We use global search

Global search with intuitive design and various search results.
directly from the cart page

Check items from the menu without going to the cart page.
global search & not limited scope

Search results globally, not across categories, products, or posts.
Search terms & keywords

You can move to that keyword by clicking on many search keywords.
Mobile Ver menu

neat and convenient

Mobile version menu with both neat and intuitive functions.

You can see the various effects that
appear in the menu by clicking.

Quickly find what you are looking
for simply with the search form.

As the menu opens, you can view the
selection menu more conveniently.
Product Detail

look at the product

Provides beautiful product design and various functions.
product design 2

Show responsive design

Meet product design optimized for mobile responsiveness.
filter design

Filters to multiple devices

The filter to adjust the items according to the desired conditions.
3 filter types

easy & simple shopping

The product you want by setting the color category size and price range.

Use Ajax Filter

3 Types Of Filters

Various Categories

Multiple modules

Discover 8 different modules

Apply the appropriate module to your shopping mall with various modules

1. Original Skin

2. Bottom Black Rounded

3. Bottom White One Button

4. Full.

5. Bottom Single White

6. Bottom Pairs Black

7. Center Rounded Black

8. Center Pairs Black

9. Right Bottom Pairs White

10. Around ​Item black

11. Around ​Item White

12. Right White ​Item

13. Bottom Center White ​Item

14. Bottom Center Rounded Item

15. Bottom Left Border Item

16. Center Bottom White ​Item

17. Right Block ​Item

18. Center Border Item

blog List & Detail

the simple post details

Post details to see the list of posts and date categories at a glance.
Look Book Detail

the simple Look details

Clicking directly on the lookbook tooltip will take you directly to that product.
Convenient with tooltips

Fully Responsive Implementation

Page For Users

How about the user page

I will show you a total of 4 simple and intuitive user pages.
My Account Page

Cart Page

Checkout Page

Orders Page

our advantage

The Most Flexible

This theme, you can also become a professional web creator.


Drag & Drop

Choose from huge number of design elements and pre-built layouts make you create your website more easier.

You can easily create your own pages with drag and drop without having to coding yourself. Also you can make your own page by adding your own feeling to the pre-made layout.


Element Library

Design your site transitatively and effectively using various function elements.

Create a layout of different functions through the elements we have. For example, you can load a YouTube video or insert an image layout of a slide function to put more dynamic energy into your page.

Product Block

Flexible Design

Check the details of the product right through the pop-up menu.

By using the space between blocks, adjusting the image resolution, and using a large amount of skins, you can apply the skins of the product block that fits into your page no matter what design page you create.

Product Block

Product Quick View

Coze can quickly view product details through the enlarged image and light box in the product list, so your customers can make purchase decisions faster and more accurately.

Detail Page

Magnified view

You can use this function to look around the product.

Not only can the product be enlarged and viewed in detail, it can also be viewed from various angles, allowing consumers to understand the product's information in more detail.

Detail Page

Variable Product

You can create and add your own product options.

In addition to basic product attributes such as color and size, you can create and show the characteristics of your own product and consumers can choose it. You can use this feature to make your product's exact information and consumer choices clearer.

Page Builder

Header & Footer

Anyone can easily and quickly create own header & footer with the elementor page builder. You can put any font, color, icons or even images you want in your header.


Search Form

You can use this search tool to configure not only post type but also product type, category type and so on. And after searching, you can see the results directly below and jump to a product detail page without having to go to the search results page.

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